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We believe in customer’s security first!

Our owner Mr. Pandit Rathod believe in building trust with their prospective and existing customers. We give full assurity for the title clearance for your land and other type of properties.

We would like to share some of our legal documents as follow,

Government GR –

1. U2 Zone GR:

This document help you gaining FSI upto 2.5-4. It is a clear permision from government that you can built your own commercial or residential constructions without too many height restrictions.

2. Notification for Interim Development Plan for NAINA

This notification from the Urban Development Department, Government of Maharashtra lists land modifications proposed and approved by the State Government.


3. Revised Land Use Plan document by MMRDA

The Regional Plan of 1973 aims to contain Mumbai’s growth by reducing congestion and overcrowding. The goal is to bring about balanced regional development through dispersal of economic activity and population towards other regions of the state. The document lists in detail how regional land use can achieve this.


4. 7/12 Certification –

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