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Business finance, land & licensing expert – Adv Pandit Rathod

Adv. Pandit Rathod is a leading entrepreneur and a fascinating personality. He heads the Landscape – Group of companies as its Chief Managing Director. A visionary beyond his age, he embodies dynamic persona, charm, and leads his company from the front.

Adv. Pandit Rathod is a Master of Laws from Pune University. He always wanted to get into business right from the word go, and was always fascinated with the whole idea of building his own business empire from scratch. For that, he dint wait long. As soon as he finished his studies, he embarked into the exciting world of business to explore newer opportunities in life. Over the years, he’s gone onto establishing many business laterals of varied disciplines such as Arts, Media, Ecommerce, Technology, Automobile, Tourism and Hospitality, etc., to name a few. The parent company, Landscape – Group of Companies, has tie-ups and is associated with renowned institutions like the Confederation of Film Society (CFS), Association of Builders and Realtors in India (ABRI), Digital Trade and Research Center (DTRC), World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). Adv. Pandit Rathod also believes in the social upliftment of his community – the Banjaras, and does a lot of charitable work for his community and the society in general.

The man has this charm which is highly infectious and all his co-workers are proof of this fact. He is also an amazing motivational speaker and his speeches are never repetitive. He is very proactive in his work approach and brings a lot more to the table than just great work ethic, discipline, order, and resilient hard work. He has big plans for the future in terms of building and expanding his business empire and he is definitely headed the right direction.

Media Coverage of Pandit Rathod

SAM TV Interview of Pandit Rathod

SAM TV Interview with Adv. Pandit Rathod

Jai Maharashtra Interview Coverage of Mr. Pandit Rathod

Jai Maharashtra

7/12 Certificate Importance – 
Does ‘Title of the land’ really matters?
Listen what Mr. Adv. Pandit Rathod has to say about Title clearance and 7/12 certification for #LandInvestmentSaam TV News

7/12 is a legal document which displays details of land owners and every customer should check before buying a land.
Know more about this legal document here in the Government Polices section.

Adv Pandit Rathod Interview - 7/12

Is land Investment Superior?

Pandit Rathod is explaining how one can get multiple benefits through land investment on Saam TV. A Land is valuable to those who are visioniary!

Mahland Group offers extensive future benefits for those who are planning to open a school, hospital, hotel around hot locations of Navi Mumbai.
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Adv Pandit Rathod Interview - Importance of Land Investment